5 closet project ideas for your break

5 closet project ideas for your break

I love organizing closets. Mine and others too. You could call it an obsession. I've forced many a friend to walk me through their closets while we hang out. So here's an idea for you as holidays are approaching - if you're like me, you have a very low key, no travel break end of year break coming up. You're thinking of all the things you need to do.. allow me to add one crucial item to the list - take stock of your closet! Here are some ideas in increasing order of complexity for you to engage in. If you're like me, you might enjoy securing some company for this long and important task - recruit 1/2 besties, catchup with them virtually or in-person over wine and get cracking on your closets. You could all do it together or take the day off & even do it alone. It is therapeutic in every way! Get some information for 2021 - that you probably need a shopping break next year! :) 

1) Take stock of your closet : Spend a day going through your closet and really understanding what you have. Pull out everything and lay it on your bed. Take each piece, remember when you bought it, how many times you've worn, and put it back. It takes a while but is the first step in understanding your closet baggage.

2) Organize by color : An old trick from my UNIQLO days - I am whom you can call a closet organization obsessed. It comes from years of training running UNIQLO retail stores. We organize every inch of the store by color and I use that same code till today years later! It allows me to understand which colors I tend to go towards, whether while shopping or simply while dressing every day.

3) Organize by categories : This is what I call a level-up from step 2. Not only is your closet arranged by colors, but also by categories. This one is harder to do if you have a wide variety of silhouettes. That said, I always think you'll be surprised by what you learn about your shopping decisions when you put them by categories & color! Example reaction from a friend: Do I really have 18 black full-sleeved tops?! (That said, never wrong to have black tops!)

4) Use the 1 year rule : Another classic rule to apply on your closet to find those poor babies who haven't gotten your love in a long time. Let me tell you something, if you haven't worn it in a year, you're probably not going to wear it anytime soon. Even those of you who claim you have weather. Some of my most used tops are all-season - or I make it a point that they are. And fine, you can leave occasion wear out of this rule - it's 2020 and I get it.

5) Add some containers, techniques : The most common problem with an unused closet, is the way it is arranged or the lack thereof. Inaccessible clothes will not be worn. So take steps to get your pants in a visible stack, t-shirts folded and arranged like you would a filing draw in your dresser. Essentially make it visible and accessible. If you're finding me hard to follow, watch Marie Kondo!

Do send me pictures of your closet stock parties <3

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