5 conscious holiday gift ideas

5 conscious holiday gift ideas

Are you too looking to gift this holiday season? I was talking to a friend this weekend about gifting ideas for her family. Every year, she spends time with her family in her parents home with all the siblings, their partners and kids. It's a big gala for 3-5 days and she had gotten used to way her year unwinds, bringing her love & hope for the next year. This year they were forced to cancel due to the pandemic and were instead having a couple of virtual celebrations, with everyone sprinkled around the globe. So she was looking for ideas to send a physical present, something special; something more than her usual high street shopping.

As I was giving her ideas, I put together a few conscious ways you too could gift to your loved ones:

1) Make/upcycle something handmade - make a card, a photo book, a cake or upcycle a gift from your garage with your bare hands, whatever the outcome. 2020 has been a hard year and the fact that you took out time to make something with your own hands as a gift is just too precious.

2) Gift virtual experiences - airbnb experiences (and other sites a quick google search away) are galore with virtual experiences like slime making, interior design principles or singing with a broadway star. It's bound to bring joy to your loved ones in the form of new knowledge, while being absolute fun!

3) Shop pre-loved/thrift gifts - if you have to buy something, get something that needs a new home. Share the principle of shopping second-hand with a loved one today & explore the wonder world of vintage for a treasured gift. 

4) Gift time - an age old romantic gift of time. Gift your loved one a few hours of your time & share an experience with them. Be it taking them on a long drive to see/do something they always wanted to, learning yoga or building a cabinet together - create an excuse to spend a magical day mindfully!

5) Plant a tree - or a small indoor plant. There is nothing like adding to life on earth. Welcome life in your home in their honor or simply send a plant to your loved one. 

Bring light & love into your lives this holiday season. I send you my heartiest wishes this year! 

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