Handmade and Whimsically Yours - Holiday Edit 2021

Handmade and Whimsically Yours - Holiday Edit 2021

Another year and yet another holiday season is upon us. And we are finally getting out of our homes, carefully of course, and stepping into the festive mood in bright reds and scintillating greens. To add to the 2021 Holiday cheer, we have been waiting for the past 4 months to bring this small yet profound collection to you all.

The Whimsically Yours collection features earrings shaped like delightful animals and birds making it your best conscious purchase yet!

You’d think whimsical describes this collection best because of its carefully crafted beadwork, eye-catchy glistening colours or the statement size of the pieces. While all of that is true, there is more than meets the eye with this charming collection:

  • New & Improved: Whimsically Yours is close to our hearts because it is handmade like most of our other products. The artists who worked on this supported themselves and their families through the sale of this collection during the pandemic. Now, it’s back: new & improved to add as part of our conscious collection for this festive season.
  • Safe to wear & savvy-looking: Minimal artificial materials translates to safe skin on contact. We aim to eliminate what little we currently use too, striving to make the collection entire au naturel.
  • An upgrade you’ll thank us for: Wearing a statement piece like this can be quite a task especially when you have multiple parties to attend. We hear you and have upgraded the pieces to feature upcycled leatherback supports and earring posts made with 925 hypoallergenic silver.
  • You always give more than you receive: Let us bring you in on a joyful secret: the purchase of these earrings will help pay 25% more wages to the artisans as compared to the industry standards.
  • Fair wages for your money: The artisans who make the earrings spend a loving 4-5 hours (on an average) on making each pair. 

Spread some holiday cheer with us by purchasing these at a steal only at Rs. 1,900 / $ 25. Shop consciously this new year and stay safe!


You can browse the entire collection at THIS LINK.

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