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About Papreeka

Sandhais (marketplace in tamil, a language from south india) are places where farmers bring their farm goods, usually handmade & land-grown to trade. It is a place where communities come together to celebrate their livelihoods - it is the true mark of sustainable living in farming communities. 100% local. 100% natural. 100% real.

Papreeka brings you our sandhai. Conscious home-grown retail. Sourced from real communities & artisans to enrich your lives with the best of South Asia's sustainable brands. Our dream is to share a piece of conscious South Asia with every home and human.

Papreeka was founded in 2012, on admiration for independent creators who make magic on their workbenches. We enjoy curating rich retail, connecting people with their creators & spreading awareness about conscious shopping. This love has brought us a long distance over the past decade and is the foundation for this sandhai. Come gallivant around our sandhai and experience the magic of home-grown retail.

Being conscious or sustainable is hard. We get it. That's why we're breaking it into pieces that you can understand and use to make your choices better. One purchase at a time. Every papreeka brand and product has been vetted for atleast 5 of these 10 grounding principles. 

  • handmade
  • empowers artisans
  • women owned
  • up cycled
  • vegan
  • responsible sourcing
  • 100 wears 
  • revived craft
  • natural materials
  • safe workplace

PS: look for these tags in every product page

Papreeka is run by a small and mighty team based in Madras, India. We collaborate with industry experts based in New York, United States to bring together our curation.