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pre-loved ornate standing mirror

pre-loved ornate standing mirror

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the mirror is mounted on a stationary pivot that stands on a tiered dome base & finished with twin elephants on either ends, celebrating some of india's finest craftsmanship in its floral grandeur; the kuchi bells move with an occasional chime and the mirror tilts all the way around 

the mirror stands out & adds a regal old world charm to any corner of the house, particularly your vanity table

the back has a red velvet finish faded with its age..

made in india | pre-loved in new york

note: prices on social media are either in INR in india or in USD anywhere else, for accurate prices in your currency/country, please visit the website.

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mixed metal base finished in silver patina with dark whisps

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10 - 14 days


17" (height) x 17" (elephant to elephant)

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