1) Where are we located?

We are based in Madras and New York. Our brands are based in South Asia. Most of our products come from the brand's individual HQs across countries and cities. Some orders are shipped from Papreeka HQ in Madras.

2) Where do we ship from?

Most of our brands ship from their HQs and almost all products are made-to-order. We guarantee that our products will arrive within 4 weeks, with most products getting shipped in 5-10 business days after order confirmation. We appreciate your choice in being slow & conscious. 

3) Can I place an order from outside India?

Yes, you can. Our products can travel to any country in the world.

4) Do you accept returns and/or refunds?

We do not process returns or refunds. All our products are conscious and it takes a huge effort on several people's parts to bring a single item to your home - we ensure utmost care in packaging & shipping them to you. Please feel free to ask us all the questions about the items itself. We appreciate your choosing to be slow & making sure that you really want the item before making a purchase.

5) Who runs this business?

Papreeka is run by a small and mighty team based in Madras, India. We collaborate with industry experts based in New York, United States to bring together our curation. 

6) Anything else?

Please write to us at hello@papreeka.store